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Kenwood 42X TrueX™ CD-ROM Drive (UCR-402)

Features | Technical Specifications

Kenwood Corporation, established in December 1946, has always stressed innovation as the means to provide customers with the best possible products. In keeping with this spirit, Kenwood has blended innovation with technology to create the Kenwood 42X TrueX CD-ROM drive. TrueX™ CD-ROM drives combine Zen's TrueX™ technology with Kenwood's 7-Beam pickup to produce the fastest CD-ROM drives on earth.

Now CD-ROM speed and performance have reached a level never before thought possible with the revolutionary 42X TrueX CD-ROM drive. With Zen's TrueX™ technology and Kenwood's 7-Beam pickup, it's the only drive in the world to deliver a transfer rate ranging from 6000-- 6300 KB/sec across the entire disc! This speed is comparable to most fast hard drives and faster than most removable optical storage devices available today.

Zen TrueX™ technology is a component set that includes optics, detection devices, and a high speed ASIC. Drives made with TrueX™ technology illuminate multiple tracks simultaneously, read them in parallel, and process the data through the custom ASIC. TrueX™ technology combined with Kenwood's 7-Beam pickup form the heart of the 42X TrueX CD-ROM drive. Kenwood has more than a decade of experience in the manufacture of high precision optical pickups for use with audio CDs, Mini Discs, and laser discs.

Until now, performance improvements in CD-ROMs have been implemented by reading one track at a time and increasing the rotational speed of the disc at a Constant Angular Velocity (CAV). This method only delivers very small incremental performance gains, introduces disc wobble, noise and vibration, and never maintains the promised transfer rate. In contrast, Kenwood's TrueX™ drives use Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) with Zen's TrueX™ technology and Kenwood's 7-Beam pickup to read and process multiple tracks in parallel. These drives break through existing limitations to deliver the highest performance at more disc tolerant rotational speeds.

Your CD based applications and data now get the highest performance available, from the beginning to end of the disc. Innovative technology powered by Zen available only from Kenwood.




TrueX, the world's fastest CD-ROM drives. Delivers a transfer rate ranging from 6000--6300 KB/sec across the entire disc

Hard drive-like performance without caching

More than 40% faster than the average 50X Max CD-ROM drive available today

Zen's TrueX™ technology and Kenwood's 7-Beam pickup

Lower, more reliable rotational speeds

Precise data reliability

Quiet operation

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