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CD-ROM Awards

Eds Choice award

March 14, 2000
Kenwood 72X TrueX
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World
"Once again Kenwood has improved on the speed of it's world leading speed demon drive, and have reduced the noise as well. If I could give this drive a rating higher than perfect I would."
Rating: Editor's Choice

February 25, 2000
Faster than a speeding bullet, the TrueX 72X is the Superman of CD-ROM drives.
Johnny Blaze, Happypuppy.com
"The TrueX technology actually lives up to its hype, and despite its great performance leap over traditional technology, it does not cost too much to be impractical. "
Rating: 9 out of 10

January 23, 2000
Kenwood 72X CDROM Drive
Phillip Ferreira, ReviewBoard.com
"I have to say I'm very impressed with the Kenwood 72x. I am also not surprised that Kenwood has taken this new and innovative approach to their CDROM solutions. The 7-beam system is a great idea, the fact that the CDROM spins less, is quieter, and much faster can only be termed as a major benefit. I'm awarding the 2000 Editor's Choice Award for Best CDROM Drive to Kenwood; Nice Work People."
Rating: Editor's Choice

January 3, 2000
Kenwood 72X TrueX
James E. Powell. Managing Editor, Windows Magazine
"Fastest just got faster. Kenwood has upped the ante from 52x to 72x with its new 72X TrueX CD drive. As with the previous models of Kenwood TrueX drives I've tested, this one sets new standards. . .

If it's time to upgrade your CD-ROM drive and only the fastest will do, look no further than Kenwood's 72X TrueX drive. It replaces the Kenwood 52X TrueX on our WinList (a product whose price has just dropped to $99.95--an even better buy than before)."

Perfect 10

January 2000
Kenwood's 72X True X CD-ROM Drive
No "specsmanship" just performance!

David Altavilla, HotHardware.com
"Simply put, this is one great CD-ROM drive. The Kenwood 72X TrueX lives up to it claims of "the fastest CD-ROM Drive on earth". It is also one of the quietest. It is absolutely flawless.

The Editor Choice Award is a "no-brainer" on this one folks!"

Drool Award

December 1999
Kenwood 72X
Duane Pemberton, GamersDepot.com
"Like it's predecessors before it, the Kenwood 72x drive performed with results that were very close to it's actual rating. One look at the benchmarks and you'll see that itkilled both of the other drives we tested. In all actuality, unless you absolutely need the low CPU overhead of SCSI, there is not a faster drive around period. One thing I have a hard time understanding is why other companies haven't started using the Zen technology, as it's obvious that it yields superior results."

Top Pick
and Best Value

September 1999
CD-ROM Drives: Offering An Excellent Combination Of Low Prices & High Performance
PC Novice Guide To Buying Computers, Michael Sweet, pages 116-118, 126-127
"Kenwood did just about everything right when it created this drive, and we decided to award it both our Top Pick and Best Value awards. This is a great product at a reasonable price. The Kenwood 42X TrueX CD-ROM drive is one hot performer thanks to the Zen TrueX technology... The Kenwood 42X TrueX is a CD-ROM drive that lives up to its name. ....We fired up our benchmark utility and measured the average data transfer rate of the Kenwood 42X TrueX at 6725KBps. That translates into an average drive rating of 44.5X, which is by far the fastest of the drives we tested. This CD-ROM drive really flies. If speed is your desire, the Kenwood 42X TrueX drive is your ticket. We won't hesitate to recommend the Kenwood 42X TrueX drive above all others we've reviewed."

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August 1, 1999
Inside Track: PC Magazine Opinions
John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, page 89
"Genuinely Interesting Hardware Dept.: Looking to upgrade that CD-ROM drive in your old machine? Kenwood is showing a 52X true-speed drive in the TrueX line, which uses a multiple-beam technology developed by Zen Research. I've been playing with this thing, and it's noticeably fast--needless to say. It smokes, in fact."

July 1999
CD-ROMs Pick Up Speed
James E. Powell, Windows Magazine, page 78
"The larger your CD-based database, the faster you'll want your CD-ROM drive to run. ...the Kenwood 52X TrueX drive combines Zen Technology's TrueX and Kenwood's patented 7-beam pickup to get remarkable speed ... we're replacing the 40X with the 52X model on our WinList. ...Bottom Line: Fastest CD-ROM drive yet ...quiet operation"

win 100

July 1999
WIN 100 Hardware/Software HARDWARE:
MULTIMEDIA - Kenwood Multi Beam 42X TrueX

Windows Magazine, page 106
"In our CD Tach tests, the drive consistently read at 42X speeds across every portion of the benchmark disc-the first time we've seen this feat. Performance is stunning."
Rating: WIN100 Award

July 1999
First Looks: Faster CD-ROM Access
Alfred Poor, PC Magazine, page 64
"the new Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM drive sets a new standard for CD throughput. ...Using the Throughput Test from ZD CD-ROM WinBench 99 on a 628MB CD-ROM, the drive pushed through 6,742 KBps on the inner tracks and 7,471 KBps on the outer tracks. ...As a side benefit, there was no whining siren sound, as is often heard from fast-spinning drives. ...The Kenwood 52x TrueX comes at a reasonable price increment over slower competitors. If you're looking for faster access to your CD-ROM data, this drive can deliver it."

Eds Choice

July 1999
Kenwood 52x CD-ROM Drive

Greg Vederman, PC GAMER, page 164

"Unlike some high-speed CD-ROM drives, the TrueX doesn't re-create the sound of a jet taking off... Data throughput with the 52x averaged 6.9MB per second... about 4MB faster than most 36x CD-ROM drives. ...All that speed makes a huge difference in gaming. Not only does it chip away at the ever-increasing install times required by current games, but it also speeds up access while games are running... The 52x will make you a lot more confident about choosing the minimum install option when installing a new game, which saves hard-drive space... but believe us, the $129 Kenwood 52x TrueX is worth every bit of the price difference; you simply will not find a faster CD-ROM drive anywhere on the market today."

Eds Choice award

May 30, 1999
Kenwood CL701 Review @ 3DGW
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World

"...the "sweet spot" for these speakers is much larger than a normal set of speakers. ...I played Half-Life and a large number of other games and enjoyed them all immensely with these speakers. ...want a great pair of speakers that will knock your socks [off] with superior support for a full "Sound Solution" get the Kenwood CL701 series of speakers. ...I am wondering now if there is anything that Kenwood makes that is not great, everything they have sent has performed admirably. Quality is a virtue nowadays and Kenwood has shown to me at least that they are here to stay and with products like these there is no doubt that they are serious about staying around."
Rating: Editors Choice Award, 95%

May 13, 1999
Review: Kenwood's 52X TrueX IDE CDROM
Michael Breeden, Accelerate Your Mac!

"First Test On the Mac! [Blue & White Apple Power Macintosh G3] ...Benchmarks don't tell all the story on this drive - its noticably more responsive in actual use than any CDROM drive I've ever used. Do you hate that delay while the CDROM drive spins up every time you do a file access, even on a fast G3? This drive makes that agonizing and frustrating ritual a bad memory.
...Without a doubt this is by far the fastest and most responsive CDROM drive I've ever used. On the PC it seemed literally as fast as a hard drive in actual use and on both Mac and PC, sustained rates were about 3 times as fast as the stock DVD drives. The icing on the cake is quieter operation and no spinup delays.
...If you're as tired as I am of the the spinup/spindown delays and noise of the conventional 'fast' CDrom drives - the Kenwood 52X TrueX CDROM drive is a dream come true. There is currently no better design or faster performer on the market. The conventional CDROM drive "Brute-Force" approach to higher performance (RPM) has already reached its practical limits in my opinion. This drive has earned a spot in my personal machines and it's refreshing to see an innovative product with a unique design that lives up to hype"

May 5, 1999
Kenwood Technologies True-X 52 CD-ROM Drive
Rob Hughes, UGEEK.com

"Overall, the Kenwood 52X CD-ROM drive is an excellent CD-ROM drive. It held it's blazingly fast speed very reliably from the center of the CD to the outer edge... I gave the Kenwood 52X CD drive a perfect 5 of 5 geek heads in quality and geekness. How could I give it anything less? ...I found no flaws in performance."

FS Eds Choice

April 19, 1999
Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM
Kenn Hwang, Thresh's FiringSquad

"The 52X TrueX blew the doors off of our previous speed king, the Asus 50x Max. ...The drive is also exceptionally quiet. ...FiringSquad highly recommends the Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM"

Drool Award

April 16, 1999
Kenwood 52x CD
Heinrich Smit, GamersDepot.com

"Its feel was much like that of a hard drive. I even tested that theory by copying one of the testing utilities to my Barracuda Hard Drive and I almost fell backwards in my overgrown manager's chair when the hard drive returned only marginally faster throughput than the TrueX! THINK ABOUT IT.

...the drive really shines, especially in CD-ROM games where graphic reloads are lightning fast (I tested Half-Life, and it is significantly quicker between scenes). ...Similarly, Wing Commander III and IV and MPEGs on CD-ROM all played perfectly, with out as much as one stutter. This has never been my experience with CD-ROM drives."

Kick Ass Award

April 1999
Warp Speed CD-ROM Drives: Kenwood 52X TrueX
Sean Cleveland, Maximum PC, pages 78-79

"Kenwood has increased the speed and improved every other aspect of its drive. . . .leaves all other CD-ROM drives in the dust. All of them!
. . .The Kenwood 52X may be expensive compared to other EIDE drives, but the performance justifies its higher price. This drive is untouchable and a must for any power user."

Eds Choice award

March 30, 1999
Kenwood 52x CD-ROM Review
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World

"...this drive is the one to get if you want the fastest and reads all the media you may have. The drive is ultra quiet compared to all of the drives I have seen in the last year or so. Once again Kenwood has THE fastest drive on the market. The King reigns supreme and no one has risen to knock the King off of his throne. Long reign the king of CD ROM drives."

Top 10

March 30, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX EIDE CD-ROM
Michael Andrawes, ANANDTECH.com

"Once you have experienced a TrueX drive, it is hard to go back. For many, the quiet operation alone is enough to justify the added cost. If you must have the best, go for the TrueX 52X"

Eds Choice

March 1999
Kenwood Multi Beam 40X Plus

PC Gamer Magazine, page 165

"True 40X performance - and faster (even faster than its label claims); low spin rate affords quiet operation... Quite simply, TrueX is the biggest advancement in CD-ROM technology since the drives were first introduced, and it isn't likely to be outdated any time soon."


February 11, 1999
The Zen of Kenwood: Multibeam 52X
Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson, CombatSim.com

"Does this thing scream! With a transfer rate that would put most hard drives to shame, and as if that weren't enough, it maintains this rate across the entire disc! This little number has twin turbos and an overhead... oh, sorry, that's my car."

"But the real difference arrives in games which require the CD. The access time of this device is only slightly improved, but transfer rates are unbelievable. In EAW moving between GUI screens or loading a scenario was about 3x faster! The difference is astonishing. There are mystical forces at work here."


February 6, 1999
Kenwood Multi Beam 40X Plus
Nick Kirby, Gibbed.com

"Finally a CD-ROM drive that lives up to its name and declared speed. The Multi Beam 40x Plus using TrueX is just that, true 40 speed CD-ROM drive performance and then some."

January 1999
40X CD-ROM Drives from Acer and Kenwood
David Doering, EMedia Professional, pages 58-61

"The Kenwood is our recommended drive in all standalone and network installations."

". . .the Kenwood drive uses multiple lasers reading at 12X to 16X and caching up to 7 different CD tracks simultaneously to deliver the 6MB/sec transfer rate of 40X at all points on the disc. In testing, it did even better than that, ranging from 42X to 47X. Its performance is unparalleled in any drive available today."

winlist 100

January 1999
Fantastic 40X CD
James E. Powell, Windows Magazine, page 100

"Now, imagine a 40X CD-ROM drive that actually performs at better than its rated speed, no matter where you read data on a disc. That's exactly what you'll get with the new Kenwood Multibeam 40X Plus, a truly remarkable CD-ROM drive. . . .its performance is stunning."

mvp nomination

January 1999
MVP Hardware Storage-- Finalists
PC Computing, page 149

"Multi Beam 40X Plus-- Get true 40X speeds, thanks to breakthrough technology."


November 1998
A-List, The Art of Storage
Wendy Taylor and Kyla A. Carlson, PC Computing, pages 56-90

"Zen Research and Hi-Val have a 40X CD-ROM drive. Can transfer rates of 6MBps be for real? Is anything real?"

Eds Choice award

September 22, 1998
Kenwood 40X40 CD-ROM Review
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World

"There is now NO second choice. There is but one choice for those of us who demand the maximum power at a fair price.....Get the Kenwood."

Kick Ass Award

September 1998
Kenwood TrueX 40X
Sean Cleveland, MaximumPC, page 118

"Kenwood has dropped the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the CD-ROM industry with its first offering, based on Zen Research's patented TrueX technology. Make no mistake, there is no faster CD-ROM drive available."


September 1, 1998
Zen and the Art of the 40X CD-ROM
S. Jae Yang and Laura Cox, PC Magazine

"Just when we thought that CD-ROM speed had hit the wall at 32X, Zen Research recently delivered TrueX technology, a breakthrough that promises to leap to True40X... Instead of spinning the disk faster, the drive reads multiple tracks of data at once."

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