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1998 Articles on Kenwood TrueX CD-ROM drives



December 27, 1999
Kenwood 40X CD-ROM Review
Jeffrey Tseng, HardwareCentral

"For people who truly need a fast CD-ROM for high sustained transfer rates, there is nothing better than the Kenwood 40X."
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

December 19, 1998
Kenwood 40X Plus Drive
Eric van Ballegoie , Fastgraphics.com
"Kenwood has been one of the first companies to make a drive based upon ZEN technology, and it really rocks."

Rating: 5 Stars-- Recommended

December 18, 1998
Comp Central
"'The CD-ROM drive that will blow you away!"

December 15, 1998
Kenwood 40X CDROM review
Michael Wooldridge, BXBoards.com

December 11, 1998
Kenwood 40X40 CD-ROM
Chamila Sumanasekera, Review Zone
"...an exceptional drive outperforming both SCSI, Ultra DMA and EIDE CD-ROM categories. Because of its price and overall performance, the Kenwood Multi Beam drive is truly a breakthrough product. ...we have no hesitation in strongly recommending the Kenwood Multi Beam, as it is bound to satisfy your every requirement.
Rating: 92%

December 4, 1998
Kenwood 4010 'TrueX'
Stanley Mo, NetExcite.com Hardware Zone
"Installing programs are blazingly fast like the speed of light."
Rating: 8 out of 10

November 2, 1998
This new CD-ROM drive is really up to speed

Miami Herald Technology Review
Craig Crossman, Miami Herald

"Kenwood is billing their new CD-ROM drive as the fastest on Earth and they just might be right."

November 1998
Loyd Case, GameSpot
"Overall, the Kenwood Multibeam is an elegant solution to a problem that's been plaguing gamers for some time. Zen Research likes to tout the ability to stream video off the CD, but it's game performance that's the real selling point of this drive-for me, anyway."
Rating: 4 out of 5

October 26, 1998
Kenwood MULTI BEAM 40X Plus
Jason Clark, All Games Network
"This kind of innovation is what keeps this industry forever changing, and forever growing"
Rating: 9 out of 10

October 3, 1998
Kenwood 40X "TrueX" CD-ROM Review
Ryan Lucier, computerheaven.net

October 1998
Kenwood True 40X CD-ROM, No More Max
Matt Sorian, The Techs Network
"We have given the True 40X our "KickAss Award" for excellency in beating the competition"
Rating: 10 out of 10

October 1998
The Fastest IDE CD-ROM Drive on the Planet....
Cybertech Online

October 1998
Peripherals: Pile it on
Gina M. Roos, Government Computer News

September 28, 1998
Testing Reveals Different Approaches to Faster Drive Speeds Don't Produce the Same Results -- A Second Spin on the 40x CD-ROM Drive
Kristen Kenedy, Computer Retail Week

September 22, 1998
Kenwood 40x40 CD-ROM Review
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World
"There is now NO second choice. There is but one choice for those of us who demand the maximum power at a fair price. . .
Rating: Editors Choice Award

September 13, 1998
Zen Research True40X
Chris Connolly, Planet.Hardware

"The Kenwood/Zen drive is truly a breakthrough product...There is no other drive on the market that compares to the quality and speed of TrueX drives. I really can't say enough good things about it, this product should turn a lot of heads."
Rating: 10 out of 10

September 1998
Cover Story: Dream Machine '98
MaximumPC, Pages 58-70
"There is no high-end alternative for TrueX technology. The Hi-Val drive costs relatively little for the best CD-ROM performance on this planet."

September 1998
Kenwood TrueX 40x
Sean Cleveland, MaximumPC, Page 118-119
"Make no mistake, there is no faster CD-ROM drive available."
Rating: Kick Ass! Product Award, 9 out of 10

September 1998
TrueX 40x40: Fastest CD-ROM Drive Yet
Jeff Sengstack, PC World, Page 76
"Fastest CD-ROM yet, equals hard drives in throughput."

September 1998
Kenwood Z40X CD-ROM Drive
Computer Gaming World, Page 161
"In the early days of CD-ROM , there was a promise that games would be run directly from the CD... Kenwood and Zen Research have broken the code."

August 23, 1998
Kenwood UCR004010 CD-ROM
Eugene Ra, Storage Review

July 27, 1998
Honest-to-goodness increases in CD-ROM speeds are near
John McCormick, Government Computer News

July 23, 1998
TrueX 40/40: More Speed Than You Need?
Jeff Sengstack, PC World

July 15, 1998
CD-ROM drives doctor spin for faster access
- US researcher takes drives beyond physical maximum speed

The Register

July 13, 1998
Zen Gains Distribution
Multimedia Week, Page 3
"Zen Research N.V. has landed another design win for TrueX...Next month Hi-Val Inc. will ship 40X CD-ROM drives with TrueX to retail."




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