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Kenwood CL-302 / 602 Multimedia Speakers

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Brand name audio for your PC.

Audio enthusiasts around the world recognize the superior quality and sound that Kenwood components have offered the consumer electronics industry for over 30 years. Now Kenwood brings its world-class expertise to the computer audio market with two systems that will redefine price and performance.

Whether you're challenging a pulse-pounding level of your favorite PC game, listening to a music CD, steaming audio and video or listening to your favorite MP3 titles, these multimedia speakers truly live up to the high standard of the Kenwood brand-- Listen Carefully!

Kenwood CL-302

Kenwood offers value not only for the sound quality, but also for your budget. The CL-302 is a two-piece satellite sound system offering a powerful combination of remarkable sound quality, attractive cases, and great value. Budget-minded computer users no longer need to sacrifice sound quality on their systems with inferior 'no-name' generic components.

Kenwood CL-602

For the more demanding sound enthusiasts, the CL-602 creates a richer sound experience on any computer system. This three-piece sound system has all the features of the CL-302, plus a powered wooden subwoofer and rich surround sound that adds deep bass to your computer's sound. Just like a home stereo system, the CL-602 fills the room with full spectrum sound and a rich bass that creates a dynamic listening experience unmatched by other sound systems. Unlike the 'no-name' generic sound systems that mask poor sound quality with higher-rated sound output, the Kenwood brand offers superior sound fidelity without compromising your budget.



Kenwood premium sound quality

Exceptional audio response in games and music CDs

Deep rich sound

Experience full-spectrum audio with deep bass and good mid-range sound

Innovative design

Compact size without compromising sound fidelity

Stylish shielded housing with fabric covers

Convenient front-placed sound controls

Excellent price/performance value


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