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Since its establishment in December 1946, Kenwood Corporation has stressed innovation as the means to provide customers with the best in home audio and car audio products, test and measuring instruments, and telephone and communications equipment (amateur and land mobile).

Today Kenwood products are distributed in over 120 countries throughout the world, and enjoy a reputation for reliability and technological innovation.

Kenwood is committed to developing and building the finest quality components with state of the art technologies that will lead our customers and us into the 21st century. At Kenwood we understand and believe that precise technology is one of the cores of reliability and quality. One of our foundations of success is our ability to listen to our dealers and our customers to build the right products that give more for the dollar. Kenwood Corporation is a company on the move, growing and changing with our customers and their needs.

Now Kenwood has gone a step further, innovation in the IT (information technology) sector. With the creation of Kenwood Technologies, Kenwood Corporation will leverage its experience and expertise in many diverse fields to help in the research and development of advanced new technologies.

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