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How are Kenwood's CL Series multimedia speakers different from other computer speakers?

Kenwood brings 30 years of world class audio expertise to the computer audio market with the CL-501 and CL-701 multimedia speaker systems. Both systems offer premium sound quality, a broad 3D sound stage, and innovative design to computer audio consumers. The CL-501 is a two-piece satellite sound system providing output power of 5 watts (RMS) per satellite, and Sound Retrieval System" 3D sound from SRS Labs. The CL-701 is a three-piece system with all the style and features of the CL-501, plus a powered wooden subwoofer adding deep bass for those who demand the most from the computer sound experience. Unlike most of the competition who construct their subwoofers with molded plastic, the CL-701 ported subwoofer is constructed of wood, providing consumers with the best-quality sound at the lower end of the sound spectrum. With the CL series, computer sound systems are quickly approaching the sound quality of home stereo systems at a fraction of the cost.

Why should a consumer upgrade their current computer sound system?

New formats and technologies like DVD continue to increase the potential quality of audio that we can experience from our PCs. If sound is an important feature to you, it is always important to stay aware of new audio products as they become available. Considering the excellent price/performance value of Kenwood's superior sound systems, even budget-minded PC users can keep up with technology without spending a fortune.

Does Kenwood offer 3D sound imaging?

Yes. Both the CL-501 and CL-701 offer two satellites with SRS (Sound Retrieval System) 3D-surround sound, creating a broader sound stage and incredible audio for gaming, listening to CDs or whatever sound you want to experience at your PC.

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Are Kenwood's computer sound systems magnetically shielded?

Yes. Kenwood sound systems were designed to ensure the least amount of interference with sensitive computer products.

How is Kenwood's CL-501 different from the CL-701?

Both the CL-501 and CL-701 offer two satellites with SRS (Sound Retrieval System) 3D-surround sound and innovative design. However, the CL-701 also includes a powered subwoofer enhancing your overall PC audio experience.

What are the benefits of a wooden subwoofer?

Many subwoofers are made of plastic in order to reduce weight and cost. The CL-701 subwoofer is constructed of wood, allowing it to produce deeper and richer bass tones.

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Can a Kenwood subwoofer be used with non-Kenwood speakers?

This is not recommended. Kenwood speakers are designed for an integrated audio experience, so mixing different manufacturer's speakers can diminish sound quality and potentially damage equipment.

Can the CL Series speakers be plugged into a CD-ROM drive?

Yes, in fact Kenwood sound systems can even be plugged into audio equipment with 3.5mm Audio Line Out connections. Some examples are portable cassette players and portable CD players.

Will Kenwood's computer sound systems work with a sound card?

Yes, Kenwood's sound systems are designed to work with any sound card that has a 3.5mm Audio Line Out connection. If a sound card uses an RCA-type connector (like most consumer stereo systems), an RCA to 3.5mm adapter can be purchased from most consumer electronic stores.

Are Kenwood's computer sound systems compatible with a Macintosh?

Yes. In some cases the audio line out of a Macintosh uses an RCA jack, so an RCA to 3.5mm adapter may be required.

Is Kenwood going to offer USB sound systems?

Yes, as USB becomes more popular and offers additional benefits to the consumer for audio applications, Kenwood will certainly be involved. See the Product Info section to learn about new products as they become available.


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