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Instructions for Firmware 226 Update for
Kenwood 62X TrueX CD-ROM Drive (ATAPI/EIDE)

For AMD Athlon™ based motherboards and Intel® 820 chipset motherboards click here.

What's new in this update:
• Added support for UDMA
• Improved readability of CDRW discs
• Fixed bug that caused "EZ CD Creator" and "WIN on CD" not to be able to copy CDs
• Fixed upgrade problems on AMD Athlon™ motherboards
• Diablo II Playability

This upgrade utility will work on WIN95, WIN98 and WIN Me


  1. Download the firmware upgrade. To download this file, right-click on the name of the file (listed below) and choose "Save Target As"; you will be prompted to specify a download location on your hard drive.
  2. Unstuff the file you just downloaded (self-extracting).
  3. Extract the d779u420.zen and pcloader34.exe into a directory
  4. From the directory run pcloader34.exe
  5. Select the kenwood drive (if you have more then one drive connected)
  6. Click the "Load File" button
  7. Select the "d779u420.zen" file and click "open"
  8. Back in the main screen, click "Start Update"
  9. You should get a message when the upgrade is over "BURN OK"
  10. Reboot the system

Download 226 Firmware File:

drivers 62X Firmware Upgrade



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