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Kenwood Corporation
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Kenwood Technologies (USA) Inc.
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Kenwood to supply computer manufacturers with TrueX 40X optical drives

By leveraging Zen TrueX™ technology, a revolutionary new optical drive component set, Kenwood will deliver the ONLY drive with sustained performance across the disc

SHIBUYA-KU, TOKYO April 6, 1998 -- Kenwood Corporation announced today that it has begun production of the world's fastest CD-ROM drive. The MULTI BEAM 40X Plus CD-ROM drive will be made available to computer manufacturers in the second quarter and marks the consumer electronics giant's entry into the computer peripheral market.

The MULTI BEAM 40X Plus CD-ROM from Kenwood is just the first in a line of TrueX enabled drives, which will revolutionize the PC industry and dramatically alter the way optical drives are perceived. These TrueX drives will also provide the foundation for a new class of applications that are unhindered by performance constraints.

As part of the ongoing expansion of Kenwood's business interests, traditionally focused on audio and communications, the company has established a new division in Silicon Valley, California, for computer peripherals and related technology. The new division is expected to play a major role in the future of the company.

The Kenwood MULTI BEAM 40X Plus CD-ROM drive is a groundbreaking product that offers uniform-- TRUE - 40X performance across the disc by employing Zen Research Inc. TrueX™ technology. At this transfer rate, the Kenwood MULTI BEAM 40X Plus drive delivers data 300% faster than today's fastest drives. Conventional CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) drives, which comprise the bulk of models on the market today allow for a maximum speed of 32X or higher, but only on the outermost tracks. Data read from the inner tracks of a disk, where most of today's software is located, is only read at a mere 12-16X. For this reason, there has been some negative market reaction. Kenwood's new MULTI BEAM 40X Plus is a CLV (constant linear velocity) drive which will maintain the same 40X performance no matter where on the disc the content is located.

About TrueX Technology

TrueX is available from Zen Research N.V.. Zen TrueX is an optical drive component set that allows drive manufacturers to build drives with real X - TrueX - performance at speed ratings that shatter the current ceiling. TrueX technology reads multiple tracks simultaneously, processes and delivers transfer rates which can be sustained across the entire face of the disc at rates that far exceed any other drive. Drives equipped with Zen TrueX technology will benefit consumers by optimizing CD-ROM capabilities and enabling DVD to deliver on its performance promise.

About Zen Research

Zen Research N.V. is a privately held, multinational company that designs and produces high performance CD and DVD-ROM optical drive components. Zen was founded in 1994 by Mr. Davidi Gilo and Mr. Emil Jachmann. Zen boasts a large multi-disciplinary research and development team with offices in Israel and the United States, through its Israeli and U.S. affiliates.


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