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> 1998

December 1999
Kenwood 72X
Duane Pemberton, GamersDepot.com
"Like it's predecessors before it, the Kenwood 72x drive performed with results that were very close to it's actual rating. One look at the benchmarks and you'll see that itkilled both of the other drives we tested. In all actuality, unless you absolutely need the low CPU overhead of SCSI, there is not a faster drive around period. One thing I have a hard time understanding is why other companies haven't started using the Zen technology, as it's obvious that it yields superior results."
Rating: Drool Award

September 1999
CD-ROM Drives: Offering An Excellent Combination Of Low Prices & High Performance
PC Novice Guide To Buying Computers, Michael Sweet, pages 116-118, 126-127
"Kenwood did just about everything right when it created this drive, and we decided to award it both our Top Pick and Best Value awards. This is a great product at a reasonable price. The Kenwood 42X TrueX CD-ROM drive is one hot performer thanks to the Zen TrueX technology... The Kenwood 42X TrueX is a CD-ROM drive that lives up to its name. ....We fired up our benchmark utility and measured the average data transfer rate of the Kenwood 42X TrueX at 6725KBps. That translates into an average drive rating of 44.5X, which is by far the fastest of the drives we tested. This CD-ROM drive really flies. If speed is your desire, the Kenwood 42X TrueX drive is your ticket. We won't hesitate to recommend the Kenwood 42X TrueX drive above all others we've reviewed."
Rating: Top Pick and Best Value awards

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September 1999
Cover Story - Sys Technology Cold-Fusion 550: A Cool System For Gamers
Mitt Jones, Computer Shopper, page 178
"The Cold-Fusion blasted its way through Business Winstone 99 with a score of 27.8... On Business Disk WinMark 99, the system posted an exceptional score of 5,120. The Kenwood CD-ROM drive posted a similarly high score of 1,340 on the CD-ROM WinMark 99 test.

Special Fall 1999 Edition
The Best Stuff - CD/DVD Drives: #1 [KENWOOD 52X TrueX]

PC GAMER: The Ultimate Hardware Bible, page 53
"What sets this drive apart from the crowd is that, unlike just about every other drive on the planet, this drive operates at nearly 50x speeds at all times... Grab yourself a [Kenwood 52X TrueX] Multi Beam 52x CD-ROM drive and start burning rubber"

Special Fall 1999 Edition
The Best Stuff - CD/DVD Drives: #3 [KENWOOD 42X TrueX]

PC GAMER: The Ultimate Hardware Bible, page 53
"At a consistent 42.5x performance level, no other drive on the market, save the 52x, can compete. ...grab yourself a [Kenwood 42X TrueX] Multi Beam 40x drive; they're so inexpensive right now, it would almost be a shame to pass up."

August 1, 1999
Inside Track: PC Magazine Opinions
John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, page 89
"Genuinely Interesting Hardware Dept.: Looking to upgrade that CD-ROM drive in your old machine? Kenwood is showing a 52X true-speed drive in the TrueX line, which uses a multiple-beam technology developed by Zen Research. I've been playing with this thing, and it's noticeably fast--needless to say. It smokes, in fact."

August 1, 1999
52-speed CD-ROM drive: Kenwood52X TrueX
PC Magazine UK, Christian Harris
"TrueX drives will be most valuable for applications involving sequential data access like software installation or video... Kenwood's 52X TrueX is a pioneering CD-ROM drive that successfully raises the bar for data extraction rates, while eliminating most of the caveats associated with high-speed CAV CD-ROM drives."

August 1999
KENWOOD to Offer Branded TrueX CD-ROM Drives

Marla Misek, EMedia Professional, pages 13-14
"To further expand the Kenwood consumer brand name into the computer peripheral market, Kenwood Technologies has signed several retail and distribution agreements to offer CD-ROM drives under the Kenwood name... CompUSA and Micro Center; MicroWarehouse and CDW... Merisel, D&H, CONSAN GATES/ARROW, and ICG."

August 1999
Compaq Prosignia Desktop 330

Computer Buyer's Guide And Handbook: Back to School Buying Guide, pages 94-95
"The Prosignia Desktop 330... is a business machine second to none. ...Truly Fast ROM Drive: The system's CD-ROM drive is especially noteworthy. Using the latest TrueX technology, it accesses data at an amazing 52X rate. ...results not only in faster transfer rates, but also in more disc-tolerant rotational speeds, eliminating the vibration present in most CD-ROM drives."
Rating: CBG&H Best Buy Award

July 14, 1999
Kenwood CL-701s Speaker System
Rod White, Alienware THE HIVE
"The sound quality is good... for about $60 (street price) it's a nice option for casual gamers and those looking for better speakers than the el-cheapo speakers that most computer vendors give away. The CL-701s are certainly an appealing looking speaker system too, and it also doesn't take up a lot of space, which is another plus for those stuck in dorms or small apartment complexes, who don't want to disturb the neighbors."

July 1999

Computer Buyer's Guide & Handbook
"High end. There's no more concise way to describe the newest member of Compaq's Prosignia line of desktop PCs. With a 550 MHz Pentium III processor and 128MB of SDRAM, the Prosignia 330 has more power than most of us will know what to do with, recording the highest Norton SI score of any system we've ever tested - 260.3 ...Beyond raw power, though, the Prosignia Desktop 330 offers an outstanding collection of additional features. The included 22.6GB Ultra ATA hard drive, 250MB internal Zip Drive, and 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive make for a formidable array of media devices... In addition to power and features, the system offers peace of mind with Compaq's 3 year warranty, including 1st year on-site service. At $2,699, the Prosignia Desktop 330 has it all."
Rating: Best Buy!

July 1999
The Perfect PC For The Corporate User: Inside the Box
Jamie Bsales, PC Magazine, Issue 13, page 134
"Likewise, we've found that most corporate machines don't yet need DVD-ROM. We recommend a 32X or better CD-ROM drive. Do note that we have found performance differences between standard "32X max" drives and those equipped with Zen Research's TrueX technology. By reading multiple tracks simultaneously while spinning the CD at a reasonable speed, a TrueX drive [Kenwood 52X TrueX] can maintain close to 52X performance throughout the disk surface for sequential data transfers. ...since the cost difference is only about $15.00, the investment might make sense for some installations."

July 1999
CD-ROMs Pick Up Speed
James E. Powell, Windows Magazine, page 78
"The larger your CD-based database, the faster you'll want your CD-ROM drive to run. ...the Kenwood 52X TrueX drive combines Zen Technology's TrueX and Kenwood's patented 7-beam pickup to get remarkable speed ... we're replacing the 40X with the 52X model on our WinList. ...Bottom Line: Fastest CD-ROM drive yet ...quiet operation"
Rating: WINLIST Award

July 1999
WIN 100 Hardware/Software HARDWARE:
MULTIMEDIA - Kenwood Multi Beam 42X TrueX

Windows Magazine, page 106
"In our CD Tach tests, the drive consistently read at 42X speeds across every portion of the benchmark disc-the first time we've seen this feat. Performance is stunning."
Rating: WIN100 Award

July 1999
Corporate Desktops 550MHz of Pure PC Power - Compaq Deskpro EN 6550+
Jonathan Blackwood and Andy Patrizio,
Windows Magazine, page 61
"...a 52X [Kenwood 52X TrueX] CD-ROM drive that used multiple lasers to reduce rotation speed and noise... Overall, the Deskpro earned a high WINdex rating of 7.9, thanks to high scores for service and support, performance and manageability."

July 1999
Need a Boost? Try 550MHz - Compaq Prosignia Desktop 330
Jonathan Blackwood and Andy Patrizio,
Windows Magazine, page 64
"Compaq has again tweaked its top-of-the-line PC for small and medium businesses, the Prosignia Desktop 330. This time it's upped the processor to a 550MHz Pentium III, improved the CD-ROM with a new multiple-laser 52X [Kenwood 52X TrueX] model that dramatically reduces vibration and noise..."

June 29, 1999
A Sound Investment: Kenwood CL-701
Stephen Lee, Computer Currents Magazine, page 20

"If audio perfection is your aim, you could easily spend twice this price and get an even better system. But the average business user is never going to need that much power. For its mix of sound fidelity and affordability, the CL-701 system is tough to beat."
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

June 24, 1999
Ask the Expert: Can A 52X CD Drive Do What It Claims?
Alex Censor, PlanetIT
"I noticed that when I searched the Web for pricing on 44x CD-ROM drives, I find dozens of competing brands. But there's only one brand, Kenwood, claiming 52x. Is Kenwood just inflating its benchmarks more than the other guys? Or are they really that fast? .....The Kenwood's pretty much for real. Some tests I trust show its throughput (and it's throughput, not RPM, you want to be concerned about) to be what would be expected with a 52x drive. It's up around 6MB/sec to 7MB/sec -- a speed that we could hardly get out of a hard drive not very long ago"

June 22, 1999
First Looks: Faster CD-ROM Access
Alfred Poor, PC Magazine, page 64
"the new Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM drive sets a new standard for CD throughput. ...Using the Throughput Test from ZD CD-ROM WinBench 99 on a 628MB CD-ROM, the drive pushed through 6,742 KBps on the inner tracks and 7,471 KBps on the outer tracks. ...As a side benefit, there was no whining siren sound, as is often heard from fast-spinning drives. ...The Kenwood 52x TrueX comes at a reasonable price increment over slower competitors. If you're looking for faster access to your CD-ROM data, this drive can deliver it."

June 17, 1999
Strategic Market Statements: CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

Mary Bourdon, Dataquest StorageTrack '99 Conference
"Because the demand for DVD-ROM will remain soft, PC OEMs continue to look for product differentiation. This means that the CD-ROM x-speed race will continue. It also opens up opportunities for technologies like TrueX or multibeam from Zen Research, which is implemented in CD-ROM drives offered by Kenwood."

June 15, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-Rom Drive (half way down page)
HappyPuppy.com, C.P.U. Envy
"It is for you, dear techno-junkies, that we offer this review of the latest in "don't need but sure do want" computer products... Where this drive really shines is in throughput. It has a large memory buffer (2048KB) on board, which, along with the sheer speed with which it gathers the data from the disk, minimizes those annoying visual hiccups from high-res FMV that streams directly off the CD-ROM. While the gaming software itself does not make use of 52X speeds, virtually all calls to the CD in a game produce lightening-fast responses, approaching that of a hard drive. Especially good for those of me addicted to CD-based demos is the way 52X really gooses your installation times. Unreal installed on my P2-300 in--are you ready?--in about one minute!"

June 8, 1999
Compaq Prosignia Desktop 330
Carol Venezia, PC Magazine, page 42-43
"Loaded up front, in addition to a 100MB Zip Drive, was a [Kenwood] 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive, which uses Zen Research's Multibeam technology to deliver very fast sustained transfer rates."

June 7, 1999
Logistics & Assembly: Short Takes
Computer Reseller News
"Merisel Inc., El Segundo, Calif., said it will carry... Kenwood Technologies Inc.'s peripheral products... 'Kenwood has leveraged its experience in consumer audio to build computer speakers that fill the need for great sound at a reasonable price,' said Jodi Honore, Merisel's vice president of peripherals."

June 3, 1999
Illustrated CDROM Installation Guide for Beige G3/8600/9600 & B&W G3 Macs
Mike Breeden, AccelerateYourMac!

June 2, 1999
Industry News: Kenwood to Offer Branded TrueX CD-ROM Drives
Michelle Manafy, EMedia Professional

June 1, 1999
Sharky Extreme Buyer's Guide - CDROM: Kenwood True 52x CDROM
Alex "Sharky" Ross, Sharky Extreme
"Their True-52X drive is currently the fastest your money can buy (and yes it really is 52x). Installing games with the 52x CDROM is painless and it's never done any of us any harm yet (plus you can boast to all your mates about the speed). One other factor that's really help the drive to get our recommendation is its overall quietness. Most 50-plus speed drives sound as though they're ready to take off."

June 1999
Kenwood 52x CD-ROM Drive

Greg Vederman, PC GAMER, page 164

"Unlike some high-speed CD-ROM drives, the TrueX doesn't re-create the sound of a jet taking off... Data throughput with the 52x averaged 6.9MB per second... about 4MB faster than most 36x CD-ROM drives. ...All that speed makes a huge difference in gaming. Not only does it chip away at the ever-increasing install times required by current games, but it also speeds up access while games are running... The 52x will make you a lot more confident about choosing the minimum install option when installing a new game, which saves hard-drive space... but believe us, the $129 Kenwood 52x TrueX is worth every bit of the price difference; you simply will not find a faster CD-ROM drive anywhere on the market today."

June 1999
Hi-Val [Kenwood] 52X TrueX CD-ROM

Computer Buyer's Guide And Handbook: Essential Peripherals Buying Guide, page 57

"In addition to its high speed - much appreciated by gamers and multimedia enthusiasts-- the 52X TrueX is designed to be much quieter than most drives so it does not intrude on the game or music its playback presents."

June 1999
Kenwood Banks on CD-ROM Technology

PUBLISH, page 24

"Kenwood is working to revolutionize the CD-ROM market with drives based on Zen Research's high-speed TrueX data-transfer technology... Two Kenwood products leverage the TrueX technology; the MultiBeam 40X Plus CD-ROM drive... and the recently released 52X TrueX... Kenwood announced that its TrueX drives will be incorporated into Compaq's Presario, Prosignia, and Deskpro computer lines."

May 30, 1999
Kenwood CL701 Review @ 3DGW
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World

"...the "sweet spot" for these speakers is much larger than a normal set of speakers. ...I played Half-Life and a large number of other games and enjoyed them all immensely with these speakers. ...want a great pair of speakers that will knock your socks [off] with superior support for a full "Sound Solution" get the Kenwood CL701 series of speakers. ...I am wondering now if there is anything that Kenwood makes that is not great, everything they have sent has performed admirably. Quality is a virtue nowadays and Kenwood has shown to me at least that they are here to stay and with products like these there is no doubt that they are serious about staying around."
Rating: Editors Choice Award, 95%

May 27, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX ATAPI CD-ROM
Julian Data, ReviewBoard Magazine
"I ran CD Tach, low and behold, good GOD... a blistering 51.5x! ...Kenwood certainly keeps with their motto of being the world's fastest CD-ROM on the planet, as it has definitely proved that! There is no, I REPEAT, no 50X CD-ROM IDE than can compete with this kick ass, no holds-barred, mind-blowing, transferring sending CD-ROM. The Kenwood 52X TrueX is the "King of all ATA/IDE CD-ROM drives!" This the drive of choice for ATA/IDE aficionados. Stayed tuned for the Reviewboard's "Editor's Choice Awards", as this product is a definite winner!"
Rating: Editor's Choice Award! 10 out of 10

May 25, 1999
PC Magazine Special Report: Mass Storage: Desktop Storage: From CD to DVD
Jamie M. Bsales, PC Magazine, page 27
"Called TrueX, this technology lets CD-ROM drives (and eventually DVD-ROM drives) read multiple tracks per rotation... The result is true 40X or even 52X throughput everywhere on the disk. CD-ROM drives by Kenwood were the first to employ TrueX earlier in the year, and Compaq has announced that it will ship TrueX drives in much of its product line."

May 21, 1999
The Buyer's Guide: The God Box
Ars Technica
"Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM - The TrueX technology has made for some fast, consistent drives. Why a CD-ROM and a CD-R? Drive-to-drive copy, baby!"

May 17, 1999
Optical Storage Market Update

Wolfgang Schlichting, IDC Storage Perspectives '99 Conference
"Very little price premium from 32X to faster except for TrueX technology which provides significant performance differences."

May 13, 1999
Review: Kenwood's 52X TrueX IDE CDROM
Michael Breeden, Accelerate Your Mac!

"First Test On the Mac! [Blue & White Apple Power Macintosh G3] ...Benchmarks don't tell all the story on this drive - its noticably more responsive in actual use than any CDROM drive I've ever used. Do you hate that delay while the CDROM drive spins up every time you do a file access, even on a fast G3? This drive makes that agonizing and frustrating ritual a bad memory.
...Without a doubt this is by far the fastest and most responsive CDROM drive I've ever used. On the PC it seemed literally as fast as a hard drive in actual use and on both Mac and PC, sustained rates were about 3 times as fast as the stock DVD drives. The icing on the cake is quieter operation and no spinup delays.
...If you're as tired as I am of the the spinup/spindown delays and noise of the conventional 'fast' CDrom drives - the Kenwood 52X TrueX CDROM drive is a dream come true. There is currently no better design or faster performer on the market. The conventional CDROM drive "Brute-Force" approach to higher performance (RPM) has already reached its practical limits in my opinion. This drive has earned a spot in my personal machines and it's refreshing to see an innovative product with a unique design that lives up to hype"

Rating: Best of Breed Award

May 12, 1999
Kenwood TrueX 52X Multi-Beam CD-ROM
Trioptik, Trioptik Technologies

"The Kenwood TrueX 52X CD-ROM drive is a revolutionary drive... This drive actually spins SLOWER than most other comparable drives, yet outperforms ALL IDE drives in actual data transfer and performance. ...This results in less stress on the motor, less heat and less noise at its maximum spin rate... The Kenwood TrueX is my ABSOLUTE recommendation for anyone who wants to upgrade or buy a new IDE CD-ROM drive. ...the performance is unparalleled in an IDE drive."

May 5, 1999
Kenwood Technologies True-X 52 CD-ROM Drive
Rob Hughes, UGEEK.com

"Overall, the Kenwood 52X CD-ROM drive is an excellent CD-ROM drive. It held it's blazingly fast speed very reliably from the center of the CD to the outer edge... I gave the Kenwood 52X CD drive a perfect 5 of 5 geek heads in quality and geekness. How could I give it anything less? ...I found no flaws in performance."
Rating: UGEEK.COM PICK Award, 5 out of 5

May 1999
Kenwood to supply Compaq with ZEN-based TrueX drives

EMedia Professional, page 17
"...Compaq Computer Corporation to offer Kenwood's 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive in its Presario, Prosignia, and Deskpro PCs. ...Compaq made the decision in an effort to maintain customer satisfaction by delivering as advertised performance ratings."

May 1999
Product Watch: CD and CD-Rewritable Drives Rev Up
Anita Dennis, PUBLISH, page 30
"Kenwood has introduced the speedy 52X TrueX CD-ROM Drive, based on Zen Research's TrueX technology. The drive sustains a transfer rate of 6,750 to 7,800 KBps across the entire disc, not just the outermost tracks, yielding 45x to 52x performance. The drive also spins discs more slowly than typical 48x CD drives, which the company says reduces vibration and generates a more reliable flow of data."

May 1999
Newsbits: Hardware - New Spin On CD-ROMs
Computer Shopper Magazine, page 221

April 27, 1999
Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM
Rod White, Alienware THE HIVE
"...the Kenwood 52X TrueX drive rated as a 49X drive, which clearly shows how well this Kenwood drive performs when it comes to reading data across the entire disc, instead of just at the outer most edges... A great product it is, and if you're looking for the best performing CD-ROM drives, then look no further than Kenwood 52X TrueX drives. In testing it also proved to be a very quiet drive"
Rating: 4 out of 5

April 26, 1999
Combat Reporter LIVE - 4/26/99
Rod White, All Games Network

RealVideo file; requires RealPlayer: Adjust slider to 41:05, video runs through 48:50

April 23, 1999
52x TrueX CD-ROM Drives
Lori Grunin, ComputerShopper.com

"...if you've taken the trouble to make sure that your PC has the best--and fastest--components around, you probably want to replace that generic clunker with a real speed demon. The Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM... The drive is also easy to install, nice and quiet, and more attractive than many of the drives on the market."

April 19, 1999
Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM
Kenn Hwang, Thresh's FiringSquad

"The 52X TrueX blew the doors off of our previous speed king, the Asus 50x Max. ...The drive is also exceptionally quiet. ...FiringSquad highly recommends the Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM"
Rating: Editor's Choice, 4.5 out of 5 Stars

April 16, 1999
Kenwood 52X CD
Heinrich Smit, GamersDepot.com
"Its feel was much like that of a hard drive. I even tested that theory by copying one of the testing utilities to my Barracuda Hard Drive and I almost fell backwards in my overgrown manager's chair when the hard drive returned only marginally faster throughput than the TrueX! THINK ABOUT IT.

...the drive really shines, especially in CD-ROM games where graphic reloads are lightning fast (I tested Half-Life, and it is significantly quicker between scenes). ...Similarly, Wing Commander III and IV and MPEGs on CD-ROM all played perfectly, with out as much as one stutter. This has never been my experience with CD-ROM drives."
Rating: Drool Award-- 5 out of 5

April 15, 1999
Kenwood 52X True X CD-ROM drive
Ronald Mendoza, The Adrenaline Vault
"If I were to describe the 52x TrueX in one word, it would be "faster." ...Bottom line, even if you mainly use your CD-ROM drive to load software, you should seriously consider having one of these drives at your disposal."
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

April 14, 1999
Kenwood 40X True X CD-ROM drive
Ronald Mendoza, The Adrenaline Vault
"Kenwood and Zen Research are blazing a trail into the future with the TrueX technology used in the 40x TrueX CD-ROM drive. Performance is definitely as advertised, and I have yet to find any real drawbacks to the system"
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

April 13, 1999
Inside Sources: Dell Goes Diamond, Compaq Does Zen
Gordon Ung, Maximum PC
"Compaq is offering Kenwood's new 52X drive featuring Zen Technology. ...Why the option by Compaq? ...people are unhappy with DVD-ROM speeds. Compaq has also made a swap out on its business PC lineup."

April 12, 1999
Kenwood 52X True X CDROM drive
Chris Verr, The High-Performance PC Guide
"...it is the fastest IDE CDROM drive I've seen to date. Therefore, if you're really looking for speed, this is the drive for you... Furthermore, its price being much lower than SCSI CDROM drives, the price/quality ratio of this CDROM drive is very good and very tough to beat. I don't know about you, but personally, I will use only multibeam CDROM drives from now on..."

April 12, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM Drive
Ken Feinstein, CNET Gamecenter.com
"Kenwood's 52X CD-ROM drive, and the TrueX technology on which it's based, do appear to set a new standard in CD-ROM performance. ...if what you're looking for is simple, fast CD-ROM performance, the TrueX delivers."
Rating: 4 out of 5

April 8, 1999
Direct Connection: True Hi-Performance CD-ROMs

David Winocoor, Huntington Beach Local News, page 14
"Delivering true average speeds of approximately 42x-52x depending on the model, the Kenwood drives are almost completely soundless. The drives perform especially well in multimedia and video uses, as well as such graphics-intensive applications as 3d gaming. For those interested in true speed, as well as overall superior performance, the Kenwood MultiBeam drives are the best bet on the market."

April 5, 1999
With new wave of CD-ROMs, spin speed varies on disk locale
John McCormick, Government Computer News, pages 23-24
"For users who work in multimedia or query large databases on CD-ROM, this drive will transfer a minimum 6.75 megabytes of data per second. On average, I got nearly 7.5-megabyte/sec transfer rates across the entire disk, compared with about half that for other fast CD-ROM drives."

April 3, 1999
Hi-Val 52X TrueX EIDE CD-ROM
The Myrtle Beach Computer Shopper
"Believe it or not, this isn't an April fools joke. Hi-Val, using a drive manufactured by Kenwood, offers a 52X CD-ROM drive. The drive reaches these incredible speeds by using multi-read technology, which splits the drive's laser into multiple beams."

April 1, 1999
Kenwood 52x TrueX CD-ROM
Ben Evans, WickedPC.com
"Kenwood is the first company to really release something magnificent in regards to CD-ROM drives in sheer speed and performance... There's nothing else to say, except that Kenwood scored bigtime with this drive. Not only is it fast, but it's reliable as we've heard. ...it's the fastest CDROM drive in the world. There is no competition for Kenwood here... It's a great drive, and one I would recommend without blinking an eye."

April 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX
Sean Cleveland, Maximum PC, pages 78-79
"The Kenwood 52X may be expensive compared to other EIDE drives, but the performance justifies its higher price. This drive is untouchable and a must for any power user.
Rating: Kick Ass! Product Award, 9 out of 10

April 1999
Kenwood Speakers
Design Graphics, Issue #44, page 12

"Kenwood Technologies has released its CL-501 and CL-701 speakers, the first in its line of quality computer sound systems..."

April 1999
Kenwood Claims the World's Fastest CD-ROM Drive
Paul Nicholls, Computers In Libraries, page 58

April 1999
Kenwood's 52X CD-ROM Drive Uses Zen's TrueX Technology
EMedia Professional, page 20

NEW! March 31, 1999
Kenwood CL-701 Speaker Review
Jason Chiu, HardwareCentral.com

"...they do just that; deliver excellent price/performance value. ... the Kenwood CL-701's have a lot to offer at an affordable price."
Rating: 4 out of 5

March 30, 1999
Sneak Peek: Kenwood 52X CD-ROM
Franklin Ng, STORMLabs.com

March 30, 1999
Kenwood 52x CD-ROM Review
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World
"...this drive is the one to get if you want the fastest and reads all the media you may have. The drive is ultra quiet compared to all of the drives I have seen in the last year or so. Once again Kenwood has THE fastest drive on the market.The King reigns supreme and no one has risen to knock the King off of his throne. Long reign the king of CD ROM drives."
Rating: Editors Choice Award

March 30, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX EIDE CD-ROM
Michael Andrawes, ANANDTECH.com
".Once you have experienced a TrueX drive, it is hard to go back. For many, the quiet operation alone is enough to justify the added cost. If you must have the best, go for the TrueX 52X."
Rating: Top Ten Award

March 26, 1999

Storage News: Compaq Goes to Market with 52X TrueX CD-ROM Drive
Wolfgang Schlichting, International Data Corporation Storage Research, page 9
"Compaq announced that the 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive, manufactured by Kenwood Technologies, will be available as an option on its Deskpro, Prosignia, and Presario PCs."

March 25, 1999
The Daily Deal: Kenwood CL-701 Speakers
Lori Grunin, ComputerShopper.com

"But it's got a warm, mellow tone I really like and an interesting design that perks up my rather institutional-looking office."

March 22, 1999

Storage Innovation Arrives
Jeffrey R. Harrow, RCFOC (The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing)
"But even if you don't need such a blisteringly fast CD-ROM drive right now, pay attention to what they've accomplished. Because it's just this kind of innovation, of butting up against a physical limitation of disk rotation speed, and simply reaching into another dimension to get the desired results anyway, that is the essence of what drives the rapidly changing face of computing. Again, Zen, Bravo!"

March 22, 1999

Kenwood Offers 52x CD-ROM Drive
Computer Retail Week

March 17, 1999
Compaq introduces 52X TrueX, "world's fastest" CD-ROM drive
(Audio segment 01:28 minutes in length, Requires RealPlayer)
Scott Edwards, Mgr. DeskPro Mktg. Compaq Computer

March 15, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX IDE CD-ROM Drive
Craig "MAKO" Campanaro, SharkyExtreme.com
"Kenwood's newest CD-ROM drive delivers impressive performance without the typical noise penalties we've seen from other high speed drives. It's price while high, could be justified by the luxuries of speed and flawless execution that the 52x oozes from every pore. Sharky Extreme recommends the 52x as you can never be too rich or have a CD-ROM drive that's too fast people."
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

March 15, 1999
Compaq Announces Availability of World's Fastest CD-ROM Drive - Compaq Is First to Market with 52X TrueX CD-ROM Drive
EDTN (The Electronics Design, Technology & News Network)

March 15, 1999
Kenwood Makes PC Peripheral Push:
Debuts high speed CD-ROM

Arik Hesseldahl, Electronic News, page 32
"Consumers have long known Kenwood Corp. as a maker of home and audio stereo equipment. Now the company is making forays into the computer peripheral market, with what it says is the fastest CD-ROM drive on the market. . . Compaq Computer Corp. has adopted the drives as an option on its Presario, Prosignia and Deskpro line of desktop PCs."

March 15, 1999
Breaking News: Compaq Adopts Zen's Drive
Multimedia Week
"Compaq Computer Corp. [CPQ] is extending its commitment to Zen Research NV's CD-ROM technology by making the peripheral maker's drive available on corporate PCs... Sourced from Zen OEM Kenwood Corp., the drives will feature the TrueX logo."

March 15, 1999
World's Fastest CD-ROM Drive
CoolInfo.com - Daily Computer and Gaming News

March 15, 1999
Compaq Delivers 52X CD-ROM Drive: Compaq adopts Kenwood's fast new CD-ROM drive on desktops.
Christian McIntosh, PC World

March 15, 1999
Compaq claims fastest CD-ROM drive
Rebecca Sykes, Computerworld

March 11, 1999
Hi-val Kenwood 40X True X CDROM drive
The High-Performance PC Guide
"I have been really pleased by the performance of this CDROM drive and compared to the much more expensive SCSI drives I sure would recommend to go for a True X CDROM drive instead of a SCSI drive especially if you do not already own a SCSI controller."

March 10, 1999

Kenwood's Sizzling 52X Multibeam CD ROM Drive
Cyber Tech Online
"Ironically, the efficiency of the multibeam reader system allows the TrueX Drives to outperform all the rest, while utilizing a slower rotational speed. This provides an added bonus. . . smooth, quiet operation. I still cringe thinking about the disk chatter and vibration prevalent in many of their competitors' drives! We rate the True 52x as one of the hottest products of 1999.

March 8, 1999
Kenwood UCR-412 True 52X
Stanley Mo, NetExcite.com, Hardware Zone
". . .it looks a lot more impressive then what you are using right now. When we are contrasting between two drives, the True 52X is a lot quieter since it spins at a low RPM. It sounded as if you are using something like a 20X CD-ROM. Not to mention that the price is nicely set, only $30 more than an ordinary 40X CD-ROM. If you are looking for a new CD-ROM, look no further."
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

March 8, 1999

PC DVD-ROM Lags Initial Promise
James K. Willcox, TWICE (This Week In Consumer Electronics)
"A number of companies, including Yamaha and Kenwood, are reportedly developing so-called hybrid CD-RW drives than can play back DVD-ROMs-- a product many people believe will be a compelling choice for consumers if the price is right."

March 3, 1999
Kenwood Tech CL-701
Chris Connolly, Planet Hardware

"In Quake, the sound with these was absolutely marvelous. You could feel every shot, and the soundtrack sounded great too."
Rating: 7 out of 10

March 2, 1999

Kenwood debuts 52x CD-ROM drive
Tony Smith, The Register

March 1, 1999

Office Workhorse
PC Computing
"Multi Beam 40X Plus No more swearing at dawdling CDs: This drive spins platters at 40X across the entire disc. Plus it costs less than a pair of opera tickets."

March 1999
Kenwood Multi Beam 40X Plus
PC Gamer Magazine, page 165
"True 40X performance - and faster (even faster than its label claims); low spin rate affords quiet operation... Quite simply, TrueX is the biggest advancement in CD-ROM technology since the drives were first introduced, and it isn't likely to be outdated any time soon."
Rating: Editors' Choice Award

March 1999

"Kenwood's 52x CD-Rom drive uses TrueX multi-beam technology to make this drive perform like a real 52x CD-ROM drive. Forget that 40x/17x crap, we're talking 52x/52x (OK, more like 52x/47x). Even with a DVD-RAM drive in your system, you'll want to use this drive for quick copying."

February 26, 1999
PC Hardware Recommendation
Dr. Boogie's March 1999 hardware recommendation
Advanced Simulation Systems Flight Simulation Tips

February 26, 1999
Kenwood Tech True 52X
Chris Connolly, Planet Hardware
"Move over 40X, there's a new sheriff in town".
Rating: 9 out of 10

February 22, 1999
Kenwood 52X CDROM review
Michael Wooldridge, BXBoards.com
"'No other drive out on the market can even touch this drive and those facts alone should convince you to go out and buy a copy of the drive. If your still not convinced then listen to me when I say that if you don't currently own a Kenwood True 52x CD-ROM drive then your missing out on perhaps one of the greatest products of 1999."

February 22, 1999
CD-ROM Drive Manufacturers Up Ante:
Kenwood, Asus break 50X barrier

Joseph F. Kovar, Computer Reseller News

February 21, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM
Jason Clark, All Games Network
"If you are a performance nut and want the absolutely fastest drive to install your applications with or play your games, this drive is it."
Rating: 9 stars out of 10

February 17, 1999
Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM
Andrew "Dr. Evil" Brown, ARS Technica
"People said 40x was the last generation of CD-ROM drives. Kenwood has proven them wrong."

February 15, 1999
CL-701 Multimedia System
Julian Data, ReviewBoard.com

" It's nice to see reputable audio manufacturers develop speaker systems for the computer market. I'm not saying that the other unknown audio manufacturers don't know what they are doing, I just prefer a known company that has the 'experience' in the field and already set itself apart from the crowd."

Rating: 8.8 out of 10

February 14, 1999
Kenwood TrueX 52X CD-ROM Review
Jeffrey Tseng, HardwareCentral
". . .it is quite clear that with the new 52X drive, Kenwood is way ahead of the competition in terms of absolute performance. Unless the competitors comes up with an innovative technology of their own, this performance advantage will be Kenwood's to hold for some time to come."
Rating" 4.5 stars out of 5

February 12, 1999
Storage News: Kenwood Technologies Unveils Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM Drive
Wolfgang Schlichting, International Data Corporation Storage Research, page 9
"Kenwood Technologies (USA) Inc. unveiled the Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive, the second in a family of high-performance drives based on Zen Research's TrueX technology..."

February 12, 1999
Daily News: Kenwood's 52X CD-ROM Drive
Computer Currents
"The CD-ROM drive was once expected to top out at 24X or 32X speeds, for purely theoretical reasons. Even then, such drives would usually only reach peak speeds on the outermost tracks of a disk, the experts thought. That was then, this is now. Kenwood Technologies (USA), Inc, just unveiled a 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive. . ."

February 11, 1999
Multi Beam 40X Plus
Julian Data, ReviewBoard Magazine
"There's a new sheriff in town for ATAPI CD-ROMs and it just happens to be a Kenwood. Remember that name well, for we will most likely be seeing more of them in the future. Just like they live up to their claims with their audio products, their standards for quality and performance also seem to apply to their computer offerings. I highly recommend this drive to anyone seeking a CD-ROM. There will always be room for a Kenwood product in my computer from now on!"
Rating: 10 out of 10

February 11, 1999
The Zen of Kenwood Multibeam 52X
Leonard Hjalmarson, CombatSim.com
"If you happened to be doing data intensive stuff via a CD ROM, this drive would be the cat's meow. If you play games like EAW which demand the CD for accessing terrain or other files, you need this drive. Heck, the pricing is virtually the same as for any new CD ROM product. Why settle for less?"
Rating: Top Pick Award

February 11, 1999
Kenwood True 52X CD-ROM No More Max
Matt Sorian, The Techs.net
"The Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive is a real winner in my book. This drive is the fastest IDE CD-ROM possible on the Earth, so I suggest you get this drive."
Rating: 5 out of 5

February 8, 1999

Kenwood Unveils 52X CD-ROM Drive
David Duberman, Spectrum: Interactive Media & Online Developer News

February 8, 1999
Fast CD drive from Kenwood
Government Computer News

February 6, 1999
Kenwood CL-701 Computer Sound System
Nick Kirby, Gibbed.com

" Through Kenwood's Sound Retrieval System playing action 3D games is amazing! Even without a 3D sound card, the surround sound works great, being able to clearly distinguish where sounds are coming from, whether in front of you or behind you!"

February 6, 1999
Kenwood Multi Beam 40X Plus

Nick Kirby, Gibbed.com
"Finally a CD-ROM drive that lives up to its name and declared speed. The Multi Beam 40x Plus using TrueX is just that, true 40 speed CD-ROM drive performance and then some.
Rating: Editor's Choice Award

February 3, 1999
Latest Technology News
Tom's Hardware Guide (4th story down)

February 3, 1999

Kenwood Unleashes 52X CD-ROM drive
Rob Hughes, Daily Geek News
"People said 40x was the last generation of CD-ROM drives. Kenwood has proven them wrong."

February 2, 1999

Kenwood Unleashes 52X CD-Rom Drive
Maximum PC, Inside Sources
"Think your 24X CD-ROM drive is too slow? Fear not, for Kenwood Technologies has unveiled a 52X CD-ROM drive based on Zen Research's TrueX technology."

February 2, 1999
Kenwood Technologies Unveils 52X TrueX CD-ROM Drive
Brian Clair, The Adrenaline Vault

February 2, 1999
Kenwood debuts 52x CD-ROM drive
Tony Smith, The Register

January 23, 1999
Kenwood CL-701
Dave "Bozzz", The Techs Network

" After years of superb products, the Kenwood CL-701 Multimedia Speakers do not let us down. They just add to the list of superb products from Kenwood. These are the speakers to get to greatly improve your gaming, music, and overall computer experience. "

January 22, 1999

Waiting for Recordable DVD in 1999
David Essex, PC World
"That could change if Zen Research can convince game vendors and other performance-concious software developers to adopt its TrueX Multibean read technology, which allows faster performance that is consistent across wider areas of the disc. Bourdon says the technology could be a shot in the arm for CD-ROM technology."

January 1999

"Lean & Mean" Ultimate Gaming Machine
Computer Gaming World, page 283
Kenwood Multibeam 40X listed as the CD-ROM drive of choice in the "Lean & Mean" feature.

January 3, 1999
Kenwood Multibeam 40X Review
Chih-Hao "Chubby" Kung, 3DXTC & VoodooExtreme

"Blazing fast with slow rotational speed. The best of both worlds."
Rating: 5 out of 5

January 1999
40X CD-ROM Drives from Acer and Kenwood
David Doering, EMedia Professional, pages 58-61
"The Kenwood is our recommended drive. . . Its performance is unparalleled in any drive available today."



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