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Reviews and articles on Kenwood's Computer Speaker Products

July 14, 1999
Kenwood CL-701s Speaker System
Rod White, Alienware THE HIVE
"The sound quality is good... for about $60 (street price) it's a nice option for casual gamers and those looking for better speakers than the el-cheapo speakers that most computer vendors give away. The CL-701s are certainly an appealing looking speaker system too, and it also doesn't take up a lot of space, which is another plus for those stuck in dorms or small apartment complexes, who don't want to disturb the neighbors."

June 29, 1999
A Sound Investment: Kenwood CL-701
Stephen Lee, Computer Currents Magazine, page 20

"If audio perfection is your aim, you could easily spend twice this price and get an even better system. But the average business user is never going to need that much power. For its mix of sound fidelity and affordability, the CL-701 system is tough to beat."
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Computer Currents

June 7, 1999
Logistics & Assembly: Short Takes
Computer Reseller News
"Merisel Inc., El Segundo, Calif., said it will carry... Kenwood Technologies Inc.'s peripheral products... 'Kenwood has leveraged its experience in consumer audio to build computer speakers that fill the need for great sound at a reasonable price,' said Jodi Honore, Merisel's vice president of peripherals."

May 30, 1999
Kenwood CL701 Review @ 3DGW
Mark "True" Hetherington, 3D Gaming World

"...the "sweet spot" for these speakers is much larger than a normal set of speakers. ...I played Half-Life and a large number of other games and enjoyed them all immensely with these speakers. ...want a great pair of speakers that will knock your socks [off] with superior support for a full "Sound Solution" get the Kenwood CL701 series of speakers. ...I am wondering now if there is anything that Kenwood makes that is not great, everything they have sent has performed admirably. Quality is a virtue nowadays and Kenwood has shown to me at least that they are here to stay and with products like these there is no doubt that they are serious about staying around."
Rating: Editors Choice Award, 95%

April 1999
Kenwood Speakers
Design Graphics, Issue #44, page 12

"Kenwood Technologies has released its CL-501 and CL-701 speakers, the first in its line of quality computer sound systems..."

March 31, 1999
Kenwood CL-701 Speaker Review
Jason Chiu, HardwareCentral.com

"...they do just that; deliver excellent price/performance value. ... the Kenwood CL-701's have a lot to offer at an affordable price."
Rating: 4 out of 5

March 25, 1999
The Daily Deal: Kenwood CL-701 Speakers
Lori Grunin, ComputerShopper.com

"But it's got a warm, mellow tone I really like and an interesting design that perks up my rather institutional-looking office."

March 3, 1999
Kenwood Tech CL-701
Chris Connolly, Planet Hardware

"In Quake, the sound with these was absolutely marvelous. You could feel every shot, and the soundtrack sounded great too."
Rating: 7 out of 10

February 15, 1999
CL-701 Multimedia System
Julian Data, ReviewBoard.com

" It's nice to see reputable audio manufacturers develop speaker systems for the computer market. I'm not saying that the other unknown audio manufacturers don't know what they are doing, I just prefer a known company that has the 'experience' in the field and already set itself apart from the crowd."

Rating: 8.8 out of 10

February 6, 1999
Kenwood CL-701 Computer Sound System
Nick Kirby, Gibbed.com

" Through Kenwood's Sound Retrieval System playing action 3D games is amazing! Even without a 3D sound card, the surround sound works great, being able to clearly distinguish where sounds are coming from, whether in front of you or behind you!"

January 23, 1999
Kenwood CL-701
Dave "Bozzz", The Techs Network

" After years of superb products, the Kenwood CL-701 Multimedia Speakers do not let us down. They just add to the list of superb products from Kenwood. These are the speakers to get to greatly improve your gaming, music, and overall computer experience. "

December 26, 1998
Kenwood 701 Multimedia Speakers
Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson, CombatSim.com

" The bass is solid and doesn't distort at high volume levels. In addition, in spite of the relatively low power output (30 watts) of the sub, it will lift you off your chair if you crank it up."

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