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Kenwood Technologies Brings World-Class Experience of Kenwood Corporation to the Computer Peripherals Retail Market with Home Stereo System-Quality Computer Speakers

Cupertino, CA, January 11, 1999 - Kenwood Technologies has announced the immediate availability of its CL-501 and CL-701 speakers, the first in Kenwood's line of quality computer sound systems. The products mark the company's debut in the retail market for computer peripherals.

Kenwood Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation, a world-class manufacturer with 30 years of experience in consumer audio products. In line with the Kenwood tradition, the CL Series of speakers provide superior sound quality at a reasonable price. Both the CL-501 and the CL-701 systems offer premium sound quality, a broad 3D sound stage, and innovative design to computer audio consumers. The CL-501 is a two-piece satellite sound system providing output power of 5 watts (RMS) per satellite, and Sound Retrieval SystemÒ 3D sound from SRS Labs. The CL-701 is a three-piece system with all the style and features of the CL-501, plus a powered subwoofer adding deep bass for those who demand the most from the computer sound experience. Unlike most of the competition who construct their subwoofers with molded plastic, the CL-701 ported subwoofer is constructed of wood, providing consumers the best quality sound at the lower end of the sound spectrum. With the CL Series, computer sound systems are quickly approaching the sound quality of home stereo systems at a fraction of the cost.

"Kenwood Corporation is already a great presence in the consumer audio world, and it is logical for them to want to apply their expertise to computer peripherals," stated A.J. Hart, Kenwood Technologies' senior vice president of operations. "As computer technology has been adopted into the consumer market, the line between computer and consumer electronics technology is becoming blurred. With computers being used more and more for audio applications, there is a definite niche for the discerning listener who wants great sound quality in addition to mere audio capability. For this listener and for anyone else who is interested in getting the most for their money, the Kenwood brand name provides the ideal solution."

The speakers can be purchased through standard distribution and key retailers nationwide. Kenwood's suggested retail price for the CL-501 speakers is $59.99 and the CL-701 speaker system lists for $119.99.

About Kenwood Technologies
In 1997, Kenwood Corporation established and headquartered Kenwood Technologies (USA) Inc. in Cupertino, California, as a new division to launch Kenwood into the computer and technology sector. In August 1998 Kenwood Technologies began shipping the MULTI BEAM 40X Plus™, the world's first 7-beam™ CD-ROM drive and one that is capable of delivering a sustained transfer rate performance of over 6 MB per second anywhere on the disk, a rate comparable to that of a hard drive. Additional information is available on the Internet at

About Kenwood Corporation
Established in 1946, Kenwood Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of consumer audio and communications equipment with annual revenues of more than $US 3 billion dollars. Kenwood Corporation has ten manufacturing facilities and sales offices all over the world.

7-Beam is a trademark of Kenwood Corporation. Sound Retrieval System and SRS is a registered trademark of SRS Labs, Inc. in the United States and selected foreign countries. MULTI BEAM and TrueX are trademarks of Zen Research N.V. and its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

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