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The TrueX™ Technology White Paper

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The purpose of this document is to provide a general understanding of the high performance optical disc technologies developed by Zen Research. This document provides some background on Zen Research, identifies trends in the optical drive market, and compares Zen TrueX™ technology to current standards.

In order to understand Zen's philosophy it is important to realize certain facts about the optical drive market today, and the opportunities Zen has identified within that market. Zen has based its marketing strategy on the following three premises:

  • First, that today's standard disc media is an effective, low cost medium that has been widely accepted in both the consumer electronics and computer industries;
  • Second, that although disc media is capable of tremendous capacity (especially with the advent of DVD), it lacks the performance required to successfully run applications directly from the disc without first caching to the hard drive; and
  • Third, that the current performance measurement for CD and DVD, the X-rating, confuses the market by depicting variable speed ratings and inflated performance claims.

Based on these three premises, Zen Research has created Zen's TrueX™ technology, the ONLY technology that delivers extremely fast performance at a constant rate ANYWHERE ON THE DISC.

Drives employing Zen's TrueX component set

  • use industry standard disc media and leverage the capacity and low cost of that medium;
  • deliver unparalleled performance that can enable a new class of applications with the ability to run directly off the disc without any hard disk caching; and
  • provide consumers with a "true" measurement for performance against which all drives can and should be compared.

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